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See also National Artist of Vietnam Vietnamese cuisine Tổ ong References Further reading Category:Vietnamese cuisine Category:Vietnamese words and phrases Category:20th-century words and phrases Category:Vietnamese awards Category:National artist programsFanon cover’s was a great piece of art but we can do so much better than that. We can cover it so much better than that. The book is grotesque and unnecessary. The book is a work of fiction and people would rather have a book with pretty drawings and pictures that they can share with the world. I don’t feel like enough people are challenging this because the media is telling us to. The media is telling us to look at the tatoos and scarves of the band instead of this book. “[Against Me!] does seem a little cheap and gimmicky in the midst of dozens of surreal, photorealistic, complex EP-style black metal.” – Angry Metal Guy “It seems like Against Me! would rather focus more on photo shoots than art.” – Shape of Despair “Lies and delusions are good at holding a world together. But against the bleakness of human life, these are not enough. Against Me! has a strong songwriting foundation but the cover for the debut (Better Off Dead) at times seems gimmicky. The album opens with ‘Dead World’ and is told through the eyes of a boy about to turn fifteen, and his friends; who are all about to die in a dystopian way, the album resonates.” “Against Me! is certainly not the best entry into black metal, but to label it a gimmick would be an understatement. Better Off Dead is the band’s most unique release to date, with their live performances more memorable than their previously accomplished albums, even.” “I would highly recommend against buying this album because it is not worth your time or money. If you like my music and want to hear more, or want to see what the hype is all about, I recommend you purchase the full length albums we recorded with the band for the band’s new full length, The Heart Wrecker” (a.k.a. Wagenmaker), of the Western Metal Milling Company, on the design, and the dents on the sides

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